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The proficient podiatrists of Animas Foot & Ankle have ample experience treating ankle sprains and offer a number of beneficial treatments. From medications to laser therapy and surgery, the team of friendly podiatry specialists provides valuable medical assistance in Farmington, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Taos, and Los Alamos, New Mexico. Let Animas Foot & Ankle enhance your foot health and get you walking with optimal function and no pain. Call to book your personal sprained ankle consultation or click to schedule online.

Sprained Ankle Q & A

What is a Sprained Ankle?

A sprained ankle is an injury that happens when you twist, turn, or roll your ankle in an awkward way. This can tear or stretch the tough tissue bands or ligaments that help support your ankle bones and hold them together.

Ligaments help to secure and stabilize your joints and prevent excessive movement. When the ligaments are forced further than their normal range of motion, a sprained ankle occurs.

Most sprained ankles involve ligament injury on the outer side of the ankle.

What are the Symptoms of a Sprained Ankle?

Depending on the severity of the injury, the symptoms of an ankle sprain can vary. Symptoms can include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Ankle instability
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Tenderness when you touch your ankle
  • Pain that worsens when you bear weight on the affected foot
  • Popping sound or sensation when the injury occurs

If you have pain and swelling and suspect an ankle sprain, it’s best to seek professional care and visit Animas Foot & Ankle for an evaluation. A thorough evaluation allows your podiatrist to check for a damaged ligament or a broken bone in your ankle, foot, or lower leg.

What Causes a Sprained Ankle?

A variety of factors can cause a sprained ankle, such as:

  • A fall that twists your ankle
  • Landing awkwardly on your foot after pivoting or jumping
  • Exercising or walking on an uneven surface
  • Another person landing or stepping on your foot during sports

If your ankle pain isn’t properly treated it can lead to chronic ankle pain, arthritis in the ankle joint, or chronic instability of the ankle joint.

What are the Treatments for a Sprained Ankle?

The right treatment for your sprained ankle depends on the cause, severity, and your individual preferences. In some cases, over-the-counter pain medications, self-care measures, and rest might be sufficient treatment.

At Animas Foot & Ankle, treatment is centered around decreasing pain and swelling, restoring ankle function, and promoting healing of the ligament. Your podiatrist might recommend various treatments, such as:

  • Shockwave therapy
  • MLS laser therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications
  • Assistive devices and custom orthotics, such as walkers, canes, or special shoes
  • Ice and heat packs

To treat your ankle at home until you can visit a podiatrist, take the PRINCE approach -- protect, rest, ice, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, compression, and elevation.

Surgery might be necessary in some cases, such as a procedure to repair a ligament that won’t heal or to reconstruct a ligament with tissue from a nearby tendon or ligament.

If you’ve sprained your ankle, visit Animas Foot & Ankle for compassionate podiatric care. Click or call to schedule your appointment.

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