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"I have intended to write this letter of appreciation for some time. Truth be told, being without pain in my foot for the first time in many years was so distracting I just started walking, got really busy and didn't look back for a long time. Today, I take a the time to express my gratitude to the surgeon who made all that walking possible, Dr. Allen. 

I wasn't sure that I felt comfortable with any podiatrist in Las Vegas. I do give credit to one doctor in town who was able to correct a previous foot surgery also performed in Las Vegas. However for years afterward, I was unable to put weight of my foot without mild or at times intense pain. I was sure I would have to travel out of town to find a doctor I believed could help me. 

One appointment with Dr. Allen of Animas Foot and Ankle, located at 1608 7th Street right here in Las Vegas, changed everything, She explained all the options available to me in a professional, thorough manner. She answered so many questions for me. She did not rush to another question or topic until she knew I understood the information presented. She earned my complete trust and delivered results that made a major difference in my life. 

Dr. Allen is one of those rare doctors who can provide a tremendous amount of knowledge all the while making her patient feel respected and important in the in the process of informed health care. 

Dr. Allen earned a place of honor and trust in my life. The surgery on my foot, the care before and after was phenomenal. I am honored to personally share my experience and my recommendation of Dr. Allen to whomever is considering foot care or surgery. 

I cannot leave out mentioning the excellent and professional members of Dr. Allen's staff. Each one treated me with care,respect, and skill. I know they do the same for ever one who arrives at the office. they are wonderful. 

Besides all that talent as a physician and surgeon, Dr. Allen is also just very nice person. 

With my utmost respect and admiration, 

Barbara Nell Rodgers

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