Cosmetic Toenail Restoration


Do you have a toenail that is thick, unsightly or missing because of an injury, nail fungus or from surgery? If so, Cosmetic Toenail Restoration could be the answer for you. Our foot doctor offers temporary Cosmetic Toenail Restoration, providing a painless, realistic, quick and affordable method of improving the appearance of your toenail.

Our foot doctor will first evaluate your toenail and may send it to a lab for further evaluation. This is important to determine the cause of your nail issues which can aid in treatment and allow the nail to return with an improved appearance.

During your initial visit, you may be eligible for cosmetic toenail restoration the same day. If you are a candidate, our foot doctor will perform the procedure and discuss future treatment course.

Cosmetic Toenail Restoration is a procedure that provides temporary improvement in the appearance of your nail even if you don’t have one and it looks almost identical to all the others. Our foot doctor will discuss the expected duration of the improvement but in general, these nails last for 6-8 weeks. Nail polish may be applied following the procedure.

Whether it’s a special event, flip-flop season or simply to make your toe look like it used to Cosmetic Toenail Restoration could be the solution you’ve been searching for.