Why You Should Never Ignore a Potential Fracture

Injuries to the ankle and foot are common. Most of the time, they heal without incident, allowing you to go back to daily living without a problem. Sometimes, the pain is intense or the condition doesn’t heal quickly. When this happens, you may have a fracture, not just a tissue-related injury. You shouldn’t ignore these types of accidents for several key reasons.

What you should know about foot injuries

With 26 bones making up the foot, there are many small bones that can become fractured easily. Most of the time, the only symptoms you’ll have of a fracture are swelling and pain. In some cases, bruising in the impacted area also occurs. These symptoms may also lead you to believe you’ll heal just fine without help. Yet that’s not often the case.

It takes a broken foot as long as three months to fully heal. If you don’t treat the injury properly from the start, the healing process will be difficult. It may also create additional problems for you over that period of time. It’s safer and less risky to have your injury treated by a foot and ankle doctor early on instead.

What complications can occur from an untreated foot fracture?

Whether it is your toe or a bone within your foot, untreated fractures can create several problems. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common.

Deformity: An untreated toe fracture, for example, can cause damage in the joints. This creates a problem of chronic swelling and, over time, displacement of the bone. This is what creates a deformity, or an odd shape to your foot. Though it seems cosmetic, deformities can become problematic for comfort when walking.

Nonhealing fractures: In some situations, the area doesn’t heal well at all. If you have conditions that make the injury worse, such as diabetes or poor circulation, this is somewhat common. A nonhealing fracture means you’ll have near constant pain and limited mobility of that area of the foot. In some situations, this can become debilitating.

Osteoarthritis: The bones in the foot and ankle have several joints, especially in the toes. When there are fractures in this area, it can damage the joint itself. If left untreated, this creates changes in the alignment of those joints. Over time, the bones in the joint rub together, creating pain and osteoarthritis. It’s painful, but it can also impact your ability to walk well.

Changes to posture: Any time you have an injury to your ankle or foot, you risk posture-related complications. If your foot does not fall properly, your spine does not function the way it should. It’s not aligned well with each step. This creates complications with each joint in your spine, the nerves that pass through it, and the muscles surrounding it. You may develop chronic back pain simply because of an issue with your foot.

You don’t have to suffer through these risks. Instead, seek out care for your foot injury as soon as you notice it. This is especially important if:

Seeking out care from your doctor is essential as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Get the help you need for food and ankle pain today

If you suspect you have a fracture, or you have any other injury that hasn’t healed as quickly as it should, reach out to Animas Foot & Ankle. You can contact us at 385-217-9071 for immediate help or request an appointment online. Allow us to ensure your fracture heals properly.


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